Black Box
Recording Studio

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Control room :

Our spacious control room ( 65m2 ) provides a precise listening environment. Care has been taken with the acoustic design :

Most of the primary reflections are focused away from the listening area and secondary reflections are diffused by a rear wall diffusor. Low frequency absorption is realized using panel absorbers, resulting in a tight low-end. The reverb time of the control room is even and short down to very low frequencies.

We have multiple monitor systems covering near, mid and far-field going from Auratones to a full sized Tannoy Dreadnought system.

The main console is a Daniel Flickinger N24 built in 1969 featuring discrete class-A circuitry.The MCI JH428 sidecar is from ´75 and is joined in all major functions to the Flickinger.

Analog multitrack recorders :

MCI JH24 and Studer A820 MCH 16 or 24 Trk,

both 2 inch

Digital recording :

Protools HDX2 with 48 I/O, Apogee and Avid converters

complete synchronization between DAW and all multitrack tape machines

Analog stereo

recorder :

MCI JH 110 1/2 inch