Black Box
Recording Studio

phone :+33(0)241615866



Playing area :

The main recording room ( 140m2 ) is located in the center of the building.

It contains two acoustically different spaces, one being live and reflective, the other one  treated to have a dry and controlled sound. There is no physical separation between the two, but by varying the placement of your instruments, you get a wide choice of different ambience.

This room is separated by large glass doors from our live room (ceiling height 8m), which measures 40m2  and has stone walls and a wood floor.

On the other side of the main playing area you‘ll find an iso booth, useful if you want to record a quiet source, vocal, while your amps are full-on.

Visual connection is assured by large  windows, tie-lines into the booth are provided.

The headphone monitor mix is easily adjustable for every musician with dedicated 6-channel submixers.

From here, the studio connects to the control room through wide sliding glass doors. Again we made sure that the musician-musician-engineer sightlines are clear.